Sunday, December 19, 2010

revlon just bitten..

Ciao ..Kitties and Strays :)
I've been looking for a lip stain that is good on my lips and I ran into Relvon lip stain..
So...this is a quick review...because Im being rushed off my computer by a higher aka mommi...
    The lip stain looks like a marker..feels like your putting a marker on your lips looks like a marker...Like literally I could go downstairs in my draw and use a red marker..(o.0)
I brought the product from walgreens for 9 DOLLARS!!!!!!!! Yes! 9 DOLLARS!! but money well spent..I guess.(*Its called Revlon Just bitten (gothic) gothic red*)..(^.^) When I first applied it to my lips I was like whoa! It was a faded red! soo please people be free to add another coat...Then I applied the lip balm which is on the other end of the marker..(?)..IT BROKE..! I guess i was a little .. My lips then started to a peppermint feeling was cool..very dark red..very vampire like....Then was the wait..I wanted to see how long this stuff really last..I ate and drank..and it lasted only 4 hrs..Which is great because I didnt have to re-apply it.(o.o) 4hrs That in my book is benissimo!
The only downside to this lipstain..
1.When it starts to fade away its hard to reapply around the inner lip area..
2.Almost completely vanishes when you eat greasy foods.
3.Made my lips crack :*( ewww so grosss...
4.Will flake at times though Im not sure why????
Other wise i would definately buy another one..(^*^)(how it looks on my lips)

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  1. Lipstains are really drying that's a fact!
    You have to put some lip moisturizer on top a couple of time during the day!

    You look so glam! :)