Friday, December 17, 2010

Aveeno daily scrub..

Ciao! kitties and strays!
So I've been trying this product by Aveeno ..called the daily facial scrub...
What should I say about it..How can I inform you cats about how it works?..
Well it is a good facial scrub i brought from Krogers for like 6 dollars..That isnt to expensive.(0.0)
--------------^^---------- IT REALLY DIDNT DO ANYTHING !!!!!!
Okay listen to is a great way to get your face toned ..I mean who doesnt want their face toned???  it gets toned by the soybean in the product..Acne wise..the product doesnt do anything for you ..OH! it also claims to be skin brightening.....(smh) um no...everyone knows when you wash your face its brighter...(0.0) I think that is what they mean.. If your trying too brighten your face...use something with lemon in it..or just use a lemon im sure someone has made a rememdy on it ..
I also brought Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion...for about 5 dollars from Krogers..(cheapest place to go)
It actually makes your face look lighter..and smooth..
but.....BUTT!!!!!! yes i have more to complain about..!
The lotion has spf 15!..spf 15 should be applied to your skin daily to protect it from the sun...:) Your skin will break out ......well my skin broke out...(0.0) Im not going to say everyones skin will break out..though (wink wink) But it will clog your pores..... I tried watering it down..which works but you feel very greasey..
I wish you all luck .......those who are trying the product..


  1. I don't use scrubs..I tried 35993 different ones and i'm ending up with pimples! But now i'm with Clinique, and the step 2 is a liquid lotion but it exfoliates your skin as well!

    And it feels so soooooft,it's pure magic!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. thnkx hun! Ive never tried clinique..i will soon!:)