Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Always listen to my family?

Ummmmm....well  kitties and strays isnt this a touchy subject??
Ive learned that many families with all women..Like mine for example feel the need to boss each other around.For example when they tell you "dont talk to that boy"..They will do everything in their power to feel the need to protect you..When your hard headed and do what you want to do ..you seem to always be wrong and they rub it in your face..(im talking any family )(0.0) Im like looking over my shoulder here).Now I come from a family of tough cookies (jerseygirls) So if they dont like it ..they will let you know..At times i feel the need to have my own opinion but I dont..Mainly because my family is always right..Do i try to prove them wrong? Sometimes..Im a hard headed person..I know at  times i feel like im still 13 and everyone should mind there business..but all in all..If my boyfriend or husband leaves me..all i have are them..The only people in this world  who are linked to me forever. Im just having a venting moment(0.0)  So ..I dont always have to listen...I can make my own choices in life.They may tell me no..I may rise..I may fall..but I know they will get use to how i rise..or will pick me up off the ground.
So listen to your family??  or not listen to your family??? it depends on how deep the situation is...
How much are  you willing to lose..?? what are you gaining out of it?  How will you live with it..
(^.^) questions..only questions no answers..

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  1. I understand this post completely.
    We will always have some ''trouble'' with our family. (Except parents who ignore their kids and let them do what they want...but it's not a good way to raise your kids obviously.)

    Our parents want to protect us from everything. They want the best for us but sometimes..they tend to exagerate a little bit. And the ''trouble'' starts right there.

    I mean..you can listen to their opinions and what they say but if you want to do with your way go for it. If you succeed then that's a good experience and if you fail then it's a bad one and you will learn a lesson by yourself.