Wednesday, December 8, 2010

homemade remedies(smh)

Konnichiwa kitties and strays..I have been trying to use homemade remedies..
I've such on!  Out of all of my researching buying with my foodstamp card (cough) the only thing i continue to use is Extra Virgin Olive Oil..It is the best at taken off makeup and leaving your such moisturized :) Now i keep to that but i also tried others...Im suprised my Fac3 isnt crack opened ..
Here are a few things ive tried on different days weeks..
*For 3 weeks ive tried the egg i must feels good.made my skin tight which my mother loved so i would say its good for wrinkles(sorry ma)..
*Monday..(smh) oatmeal, aloe vera oil, banana slices,milk.clean and result...2 minutes of hell not trying to eat the bananas and when I went in for the rinse my skin burned..:*(
*Someday? Baking soda..I must say Baking soda..will get the job done especially if you have oily skin..take it in your hand and add water to it..wait..then gently rub it own!..lord the first time my skin was dried my sensitive skin kitties and strays becareful with it :)
*someday? Honey..Honey good grief. the honey clogged up my pores.i really liked it first but when i found 3 new blackheads on my face i went off! If you can find a way to use it ..good luck with ya lad!
*Sunday..Olive oil, vinegar, and water..all i have to say is Vinegar is no joke...careful Kitties..I gave up on the first try....
I tried many things over the coarse of 2 months and nothing really works..Well the way you would want it to.
I would advise people to use the eggfacial...Olive oil as a cleanser..its doesnt clore pores :) I use Oliveoil everyday for my makeup..its free and on ebt..:) Baking soda! but dont go crazy like i did when i seen my first results..its a facial scrub kitties and strays so becareful use it like twice a week..dont over dry your babycheeks :) I heard about lemons and parsely being very good but after all of the remedies you look at all the food that you wasted..I think i should have taken some type of dermotologist class or something..PEOPLE ARE STARVING AND IM WASTING FOOD ON MY FAC3!!! and honesty..

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